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By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 23, 2019
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Would you like a movie alongside your weekly haul of healthy groceries and favorite Kirkland products? Costco, at your service.

According to a recent piece by Alex Sherman for CNBC, the warehouse club is said to be having talks with media executive Mark Greenberg "about building out a video [streaming] service geared toward average Americans."

Previously, Greenberg had been chatting with Walmart regarding a similar service, which has since been nixed, as Walmart continues to pursue working on its Vudu streaming platform. Currently, there are no further details about a potential launch date or shows that will be on the yet-to-be-announced service. Costco has also not made an official comment.

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Since Netflix recently announced they'll be introducing another price hike of $2 for all types of subscriptions, the Costco rumor offers fans the hope of a lower-priced alternative to the popular video streaming platform.

Now, here's to hoping that if the Costco deal closes, they'll get plenty of our favorite Barefoot Contessa episodes on queue for us.