We know that she can't stomach cilantro or pre-grated cheese—but a pumpkin spice latte?

By Zee Krstic
November 29, 2018
Photo courtesy of PEOPLE Magazine.

Ina Garten is an open book. In the past, she's been very vocal about which ingredients home cooks should never buy (looking at you, pre-grated Parmesan) and the dish that was hardest for her to master. She's fast to share her "better" methods of making simple kitchen basics like vinaigrette, and how to cook everyday vegetables like snap peas. And she has many, many favorites, from her favorite recipe she's ever written to the recipe that she'd be okay with eating every single night.

Garten is clearly not afraid to share her opinion, which is why the staff at NBC's Today Show decided to ask the Food Network star about foods that many home cooks love to make today—from trendy items appearing on Instagram to dishes popular with the millennial crowd. You may be wondering: Does the Barefoot Contessa love a good avocado toast as much as we do?

Ina Garten rated the following foods as "hot" or "not" live on television, which led to pretty surprising moments that fans might not have seen coming. You can watch the video in full right here. We'll start with her five favorite trendy foods:

Photo: Jamie Vespa MS, RD

None of these are too shocking—Garten clearly has great taste. But while we know that the Barefoot Contessa has a serious aversion to cilantro (which may or may not be due to genetics), we didn't know that Ina straight up hates these three foods:

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