Julianne Saratsis, Spanish instructor from Tacoma, Washington, shares her tips for eating more healthy fats.

July 01, 2012

For most of her 40 years, Julianne assumed that foods labeled "low-fat," "no-fat," and "light" were automatically healthier. Then she took Cooking Light's Healthy Habits challenge last year and started to rethink the staples in her fridge. "I had to get into a mind-set where I told myself my fear—that I would gain a bunch of weight—wasn't going to be realized." Here, Julianne shares her top three healthy-fat strategies:

  • Find fats you like. "Finding favorite recipes that incorporate healthy fats has been important for us. In our house, it's an avocado dressing that I make regularly. And we love olives! So I always keep kalamata olives or a medley of olives on hand."
  • Savor the real thing. "We've shifted away from 'light' or 'low-fat' stuff. We now buy the real things—butter, mayonnaise—and just use less."
  • Switch up stir-fries. "Experimenting with stir-fries is one of the most effective ways I incorporate healthy oils. I use olive oil a lot—my husband is Greek, so you've got to use the olive oil—and I've been using sesame oil as a finishing touch for flavor in our stir-fries or in a marinade for chicken or steak."