Molly Smith, Human resources manager, Cleveland, shares her tips for going meatless once a week.

August 01, 2012

Molly Smith began a gradual transition to eating less meat a few years ago—so gradual, in fact, her husband didn't even notice. "He didn't believe it when I said we were eating less meat," Smith says. "He's lost quite a bit of weight, and I have more energy than ever." Here, Molly shares her top three tips for making more with less.

  • Creatively rotate staples. "Every week I do some kind of rice dish, a pizza, and a whole-grain pasta dish. I'll also do a brown rice stir-fry with whatever veggies are on special."
  • Have a go-to recipe source. "When I was growing up, my mom was always trying new things, so I do the same. If broccoli is the vegetable of the week, I'll go to Cooking Light's website, punch in 'broccoli,' and see what comes up."
  • Welcome little chefs. "I have a helper station where my kids can wash vegetables and mix stuff. I want them to see that I'm serving real food. It's very important to me that they understand where their food comes from and how it gets from start to finish."