Find out how our advice worked for readers featured in our August 2007 Beautywise column.

Updated: June 09, 2014

We checked back in with the readers we featured in August'sBeautywise column to see how the recommended products worked forthem:

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate
I love this product! I don't know if I am imagining it, butmy skin seems softer and the tone seems more even. I willdefinitely be using this under my moisturizer every day.
--Jennifer Ryan, 40, Boyton Beach, Florida

Olay Total Effects Moisturizing Vitamin Complex
This cream has a very nice moisturizing feeling. It feelsvery rich when you put it on your skin, but it's not greasy anddoesn't leave a residue on your face.
--Lisa Lavely, 39, Scottsdale, Arizona

Skin Alison Raffaele Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
I have used tinted moisturizers in the past and never reallyliked them, but this one had great coverage and blended reallywell-even with my fair skin. I would probably wear it on theweekends when I don't wear much makeup.
--Mary Ryan, 58, Worcester, Massachusetts

MAC Blot Film
I didn't quite get how these worked at first since therewasn't any info printed on the package. I just blotted away when Ineeded to, and it worked very well. I usually use powder forblotting and wasn't sure this would give the same effect, but itactually got rid of the shine better then the powders I have beenusing recently.
--Lisa Lavely

Fekkai Summer Hair Sun Bandana
I expected this product to be more of a mist formulationrather than a lotion. It smells great, but I really didn't noticeany difference in my hair. I will keep using it this summer since Iplan to be out in the sun a lot.
--Lisa Lavely

Garden Botanika Shadow Primer
I have used shadow primers before and never really likedthem, but this primer was awesome. Over the weekend, I even used italone as a replacement for my regular eye shadow. It looks reallynatural, and the color is perfect for my skin tone.
--Mary Ryan