Because we find that looking great is linked to an instant lift of happiness levels.

By Cindy Hatcher
November 30, 2012
Photo: Christine Blackburne

1. Traffic-stopping smile

Red lips get you noticed—they’re also an immediate confidence booster. This lipstick stays on for hours—even through workout and post-gym refreshment: CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Hot ($6).

2. Fragrance update

Opt for the body lotion or candle version of your current favorite: Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne ($60) evokes a hint of sunny days ahead.

3. Fresh coat of paint

You and your sweetie might be the only ones to see your toes this time of year, but a fun splash of polish can provide an instant mood upgrade: Essie Beyond Cozy ($8) is a sparkly gold color that feels like a toast to happy times.

4. Full face done in a flash

While a leisurely makeup application can yield beautiful results, sometimes you just need to get out the door as soon as possible. Enter BB creams. BBs—or beauty balms—combine moisturizer, color, and other benefits into an all-in-one superstar: Smashbox Camera-Ready BB Cream ($39) helps enhance skin’s radiance and glow and protects it with SPF 35.

5. A bubble-filled break

Be self-indulgent in a good way with a soak. Barricade the door if you have to: Philosophy’s Inner Grace ($22) pulls triple-duty as a shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel—just in case your soak gets cut short.