The Cooking Light team tackled the task of trying a wide variety of ciders to determine our top picks for our fall sipping needs. Whether sweet, dry, infused with another flavor, or just a classic apple taste, we found nearly a dozen ciders that deserve a spot at your next bonfire or fall festival. 

By Hayley Sugg
October 10, 2016

Cider is gaining popularity in bars and restaurants across the country, but the hard alcoholic fruit drink has been a mainstay of fall gatherings for many decades. Classic notes of apple, pear, and even pumpkin are a welcomed addition at autumn gatherings. As more brands introduce their spin on the classic beverage, we decided to taste test all that we found to pick our favorites. It's hard work, and we're happy to do it.

GLI Distributing

Austin Eastciders Hopped Cider:

  • "Yum! Perfectly hoppy - compliments the tart apple."
  • "The perfect blend of beer and cider flavors."
  • "Good, easy to drink."




Seattle Cider Company

Seattle Cider Company Cranberry:

  • "Subtle and refreshing, I dig it! Not cloying."
  • "Pleasantly, lightly fruity."
  • "Understated flavor. Not overpowering, so I feel like I could drink a lot of this."




Seattle Cider Company

Seattle Cider Company Three Pepper

  • "Sweet and spicy, just the right balance."
  • "Cool, weird flavor."
  • "Spicy and different. Probably super good with Mexican food. Dynamic red bell pepper flavor that dances and bubbles on your tongue."




Vander Mill

Vander Mill Too Gold

  • "Buttery and oak-y, like Chardonnay."
  • "This tastes like yummy dry wine. Easy to drink."
  • "It has a warm, smoky, vanilla-y taste. Very unique."




Sonoma Cider

Sonoma Cider The Crowbar

  • "Yummy, the spice isn't immediate, it creeps up on you."
  • "Spicy and fun. Fair warning: More habanero than lime"
  • "With a spice that creeps up on you, it would be perfect to drink on a Taco Tuesday."




Seattle Cider Company

Seattle Cider Company Pumpkin Spice

  • "If you're into pumpkin spice, this is delicious. One of the better pumpkin things I've had. Very autumnal."
  • "Great pumpkin flavor. Not too sweet, would definitely drink again."
  • "Didn't expect to like this, but I'm really loving it. Great flavor and it's not too over-the-top."




Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard Walden Hollow

  • "Bubbles! Tasty, crisp, dry."
  • "Classic, easy to sip. The bubbles are refreshing."
  • Really fun and fall-flavored."





Ciderboys Mad Bark

  • "Two thumbs up. Tastes like apple crisp that will get you drunk. Delicious."
  • "I would 100% smuggle this into a Fall festival."
  • "Bold cinnamon flavor, but not overpowering."




Vander Mill

Vander Mill Totally Roasted

  • "Tastes like a Fall day. Tangy, but sweet, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla."
  • "Like the spice."
  • "Oooh, apple pie in a can. I like it!"





Ciderboys Cranberry Road

  • "Yum! Excellent sweet and tartness. Crisp and clean flavor."
  • "Love this one - crispy, easy to drink. Not overpowering."
  • "Delicious! The cranberry is a nice, tart punch that keeps it from being too sweet."




Cornerstar Wine & Liquor

Colorado Cider Company Dry Glider

  • "Perfect amount of dry - simple, yummy cider."
  • "Almost wine-like. Easy drinking."
  • "Nice and dry, I like it. Not too sweet."